Here For the Carbs

I was recently telling someone about a blog assignment I had to do while in college – we had to pick a topic, anything, and keep up with it for a whole semester.  I chose to blog about my dreams and then interpret them and see how that applied to my life.  So somewhere out there there is a blog detailing my crazy dreams from my sophomore year of college.

Well, that got me thinking about blogging again but I didn’t have anything worth putting on the web that would be of value. Until now!

Last week, I was talking with a girl I work with who participated in the St. Jude half marathon this past Sunday about her race-week prep and nutrition plan. I joked that I would run just for the carb-loading the two days before the race (I like carbs… A LOT). And that thought put in motion my goal to run a half marathon before I turn 30.  I have a couple years before I reach that milestone and was asked by a couple people “why are you waiting?”

And I didn’t have an answer.  Maybe I thought I would eventually talk myself into doing it or maybe I would convince myself that I was too busy to train.  And let’s be honest – life happens and things don’t always go the way we hope or plan for them to go.

So here I am! Diving in headfirst and writing a blog about training for my first half marathon later this year.

In this blog you’ll find weekly, maybe daily, ramblings about my run or progress or recipes, struggles, etc.  My hope is that, by you coming back to read (or not – I could be extremely boring which could very well be the case), will be a way to keep me accountable and keep me excited about training.


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