New Shoes Make Me Run Faster: Week 1 Recap

I made it! One week down 24 (I think) to go! This past week was pretty crazy between work and going home for Easter so I was unable (or too tired) to post anything as the week progressed so here is my recap! 

I downloaded the “MapMyRun Trainer” app. When you start up the app you have options to choose from as far as what type of race you’re doing: 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathons, as well as a 50k Trail.  You can also choose how many miles you want to run each week and what day is your longer run/cross train day. Then you get to add your race date and from there it will generate a plan. I’m only a week in but so far I really like it! It’s simple and user friendly.  I use that along with my FitBit – I like being able to see how much I’ve moved during the day (desk job) compared to what I’ve done during a workout.  I’m sure you could use it with the “MapMyRun” app as well – there might be some syncing option for that combo? Who knows. 

Anyway. Week 1: 

Monday was my rest day but I did a little active rockery yoga to get stretched out. 

Tuesday was my first run – 15 minutes – it was a 2 minute walk then 3 minute run and I repeated that pattern for the allotted time.  Let me tell you, I was super discouraged after the first 5 minutes! I am not an outside runner. I can run miles on a treadmill or elliptical but outdoor running is a struggle and Tuesday was a little chilly. But I powered through it. My lungs felt like they would explode and my shins were killing me but I made it. 

Wednesday was a cross train day – 1 hour, easy effort.  The days I cross train I turn on Beachbody on Demand and crank out some 21 Day Fix.  I think I did Upper Fix and Pilates? Wednesday seems like forever ago, honestly. 

Thursday was a rest day so I rested and it was wonderful. I worked a little from home since I was planning on taking a half day on Friday so I could beat holiday traffic. I started doing a little research on shoes since my shins hurt so bad on Tuesday (I usually run in Nike Free but that’s been on a treadmill or elliptical and there isn’t much shock there).  I was looking at Brooks and Saucony but the price tags honestly deterred me a little bit.  I wanted to find quality shoes that would take a lot of the impact out that wouldn’t also drain my bank account.  I also looked for some high visibility gear for early or late runs that way I’m not dying during the summer heat. 

Friday was supposed to be run #2 but it started pouring when I got home from work so I did Total Body Cardio from 21DF instead. Then I went headed out of town for the weekend! 

This weekend was full of family so it kind of threw off my schedule but I was more than okay with it!  Saturday was full of errands, like buying new running shoes, and other events, like two egg hunts, and a nap and dinner with a friend! I took it off and decided that I’d use my next rest day for the missed workout. 

I ended up buying some New Balance from Shoe Carnival.  I really liked that NB has what type of shoe (training, running course, trail) on the outside of the box – it definitely made picking out a pair easier and they weren’t too badly priced. I think I paid $75ish which is much better than the $120-$150s I saw.  All the tips/tricks/advice I’ve read about marathon running have said to purchase shoes at least half a size bigger than what you normally wear so that there is a thumbs width between your big toe and the end of the shoe. Never would have guessed that. They felt weird compared to my sock-fit Nikes. 

Sunday I went to early church with my parents and then we went to my grandpa’s house for lunch where I got to see my aunt and uncle and cousins! It was delicious food which made it a little difficult to not stuff my face! The rain moved in and I thought I would miss my run but it cleared up by the time I made it back to the city.  Sunday’s run was for 30 minutes with the same 2/3 minute pattern as before.  Only this time there was a twist: get at least two miles in during that time frame. And I did it! Best part is I got to wear my new shoes and my shins did not hurt! Below is a screen shot of what my run looked like. I didn’t think I was going to make th distance portion of that but I changed my mind set and made it happen.  I just barely made it – but I got those 2 miles. 

By the end of the week my legs were a sore and my hammies were tight but I felt very accomplished. I’m meeting with a nutritionist this Wednesday in hopes to find a meal plan that I can stick to so that’s exciting. 

Congrats! You made it to the end of this post! Sorry, it was pretty long. I’m hoping to post a little more this week to avoid long ones like this! Thanks for coming back 🙂 

Bring on Week 2! 


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