Monday’s Are for Resting

Maaaan, oh, man, am I beat! I don’t think I could be more excited about a day of rest than I am right now! We slept with the windows open a few nights ago and my allergies have decided to catch up today – scratchy throat, sneezy, sinus headache and feeling like I’ve been run over by a train.  So tonight I’m truly taking a day off and sipping hot camomile and honey tea out of a wine glass (as one does) in hopes that my voice will be better tomorrow. And I need to give my legs a break. 

Yesterday wrapped up Week 2 of pre-training (my weeks go Monday-Sunday in case I haven’t mentioned that yet). It was a good week! I ran a total of 10.11 miles! 

I met with a nutritionist on Friday during my lunch hour and she helped me with what I should be eating before and after running, especially on the days where there are longer distances, and she gave me a better idea of what food needs to look like as I get closer to race day. I’ll post more about that another time. 

Sunday’s run was tough with it being my longest workout so far – 45 minutes with a minimum of 3 miles to cover. I switched it up and ran with Cory at his house instead of running solo in my neighborhood and it was a struggle. Lots of small hills, uneven paths and wind. But the change in scenery was what I needed and it was a gorgeous day out. We covered almost 4 miles! I was pumped. Still am actually, ha.  

I know I’m barely three weeks in but I can already tell a difference in my attitude (not that it was ever bad, haha) and my confidence.  I’m eating good, I feel good, some of my clothes are fitting a little looser…  I’m running a little longer every time, I get excited to put on my shoes and turn up the music and just go… I’m just excited to see what and where this could lead me. 

Here’s to a great Week 3! 


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