Name: Karen

Location: St. Louis MO

Prefers: Farmlands over cities – Morning over night – Nachos over tacos – Spring – Breakfast foods – Animals – Country music – Books –  Accidentally funny – Will never say no to a good cup of coffee over conversation.

This is my first blog so please be patient and kind as I struggle through this, ha. The purpose of “Karen Runs (and Stuff)” is to share my fitness journey from everyday workouts to event training to nutrition (I really need to learn to say no to nachos…) and other stuff that happens my way.  You can check out Instagram if you want to see all the other stuff. Fair warning, there are quite a few posts about my cat, Kiki, because she’s weird and great.

I’m more than just an amateur blogger by night… By day I am a Project Designer (interior designer but on the commercial level) at Cushman & Wakefield.  I am also heavily involved in youth ministry at my church.

Anyway – that’s me… This is my blog…

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you come back!